Study tour to Sweden and Norway

  • Posted on: 28 May 2017
  • By: eegyn

Five representatives of Baltic and Russian NGOs (the Association  “I Can Live” Coalition - Koalicija „Galiu gyventi“ (Lithuania), “Dia-Logs” (Latvia), “You will not be alone” - MTÜ “Sind ei jäeta üksi” (Estonia), “Drug Abuse Prevention Centre” and “Enlightenment” (Russia) have taken part in a study tour to Stockholm and Oslo for familiarization with WOCAD, ARKEN, other NGOs and LAs programs for women and discussions of civil society – authorities cooperation.

22nd  of May participants had presentation of NGO represents in Sweden and meeting with Rolf Bromme in WOCAD office. The approaches for drug and alcohol policy have been discussed.  After lunch the meeting in “Riddargatan 1” clinic for early interventions and family support has been arrange by WOCAD where the experience of “Riddargatan 1” and STAD in support of relatives of alcohol and drug abusers was presented.






23rd of May guests from Russia and Baltic countries visited NGO “The Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs” (CAN). Daniel Carlryd informed colleagues about drug and alcohol consumption among girls and women in Sweden.










The visitors met with Kjell-ove Oscarsson of NGO SLAN (The Swedish Board of Alcohol and Drug Issues) who presented NGO work on Drug Issues.









25th of May the «Svingen» department was visited in Oslo. Østensjøveien house have different offers for adult women with different levels of substance abuse: active substance abuse, moderate drug addiction and nearly drug free. Department "Svingen" has sheltered places for women in active substance abuse with behavioral challenges.

Next unit that has been visited by participants of the study tour was NGO ARKEN treatment center for drug addicted adult women. ARKEN accepts women with a longterm abuse, and where the consequences are serious (socially, physically, psychologically, ethically/morally). With the assistance of Alcoholics Anonomous’s (AA) 12 steps and selfhelp groups, they show a road to recovery.

Bla Kors Barnas Stasjon (Children station of NGO Blue Cross Norway), visited on 26th of May, is a service offered to families who have at least a child under the age of eight years, whereby either of the parents face psychological/ alcohol and drug abuse challenges on a regular basis. Later on the Prindsen mottakssenter - the municipal service center for drug users including drug consumption room was visited. The head of the center Mari Kjølberg gave the presentation about the unit activity.  

Finally the meeting was conducted with Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs (Actis) that is a Norwegian umbrella organization for NGOs in the alcohol and drug field, and  the drug users' interest organizations (RIO). RIO is a nationwide, political and religious independent organization consisting of earlier drug abusers. Representatives of Norwegian NGOs presented their approaches to drug policy and informed about their activity for women.