Projects in regions

  • Posted on: 21 August 2020
  • By: eegyn

In July - August 2020, within the framework of the project “Exploiting the potentialities of CSOs and LAs for development of holistic prevention of drug and alcohol abuse among girls and women in lagging regions of Russia”, inspection visits were conducted to 4 Russian regions.

During the visits, control over the implementation of projects on providing social and psychological assistance to girls and women with alcohol and drug problems has been carried out, and the necessary advisory and methodological assistance has been provided. In the city of Pskov, on July 8-9, 2020, the Pskov regional public organization "Independent Social Women's Center" presented the interim results of the project "Organization of a system for providing comprehensive social and psychological assistance to girls and women with alcohol and drug problems in the Pskov region" aimed at providing psychological and social assistance to women with alcohol problems, and introduced the activities of specialists. On July 22 - 23 in the city of Kostroma, the implementation of the project "Social Adaptation Center" DAR" for women leaving prison was discussed with Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization the rehabilitation center "House on the Volga". The head of the organization was instructed to maintain documentation that reflects the process of providing assistance. The project "Eluur enkhe" ("consciously healthy"), aimed at resocialization of women - patients of the Republican Narcological Dispensary, was presented on August 7-8 by the Buryat regional branch of the All-Russian Public Charitable Fund "Russian Charitable Foundation" No to alcoholism and drug addiction ". The meeting with the project specialists took place in the republican narcological dispensary with the participation of Svetlana Khabarkova - Chairman of the Commission on Health Protection, Social Policy, Family and Childhood Issues of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Buryatia, Chairman of the Regional Branch of the Council of Public Organizations for the Protection of Patients' Rights, Sayan Damdinov - Deputy Chief Physician for the medical unit of the dispensary and Zinaida Mikhailova - the Chairman of the Board of the BRO PA “Russian Charitable Foundation“ No to alcoholism and drug addiction ”. The meeting was also attended by three representatives of the target group, who presented their stories of returning to sober life. On August 12-13, 2020, specialists from the Tuva regional public organization "Association of Psychologists of Tuva" told us about the implementation of the "Happy Yurt" project. One of the meetings took place in the accommodation "Happy Yurt". A working meeting was also held at the Agency for Ethnic Affairs and NGOs of the Republic of Tyva. The meeting was attended by Saisuu Mongush - Deputy Director of the Agency, Svetlana Oorzhak - Chairperson of TPOO "Association of Psychologists of Tuva", member of the Coordination Council for the Development of Volunteerism and NGOs under the Government of the Republic of Tyva, Lada Hertek - Head of MBUDOU No. 17 "Salgal" Kyzyla, Elza Ondar - Chief freelance psychologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tyva, Larisa Oorzhak - Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy of Tuva university, Valentina Kandan - Head of “the Silver Volunteers” of Tuva headquarters under the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tyva. At the meeting, the importance of implementing the project in the Tyva Republic was emphasized and hopes for the continuation of project activities were expressed. During the trip, at the meetings in the organizations, participants kept the anti-epidemic measures.

The project is funded by the European Union.